Call Me Waterslide

by Waterslide on Inside Dirt, Lincoln Signal 22 Mar, 2012

Friends, I’ve got news.

First, though, thanks to the unique musicians who played or sang on the three Arms of Kismet albums: Janna Audey, Logan Claytor, Grahame Davies, Kerry Garcia, Paul Golder, Scott Goodrick, Eamon Loftus, Gaurav Mazumdar, Evan Pollack, Kowtow Popof, Anne Rogers, and Rob Santos. Gratitude also to Jon Astley, who mastered the records, to R.E.D. Design, who created visuals and packaging, and to Nic Beery, who directed the video for “Emmett Kelly in Love.” You made everything better. You mean the world to me.

For 12 years I made music as Arms of Kismet. Today you can call me Waterslide.

I just finished a new record, Lincoln Signal, that comes out in June. It’s a song cycle about a man adrift, a guy with a dream, someone who is just a hop, skip, and jump away from you or me.

Rock music scribe Richard Fulco has more at the mighty RiffRaf:


Photo by Matt Doyon.

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2 Responses to “Call Me Waterslide”

  1. Evan Pollack says:

    Hey Mark! Congrats on the new direction!

    I want to work with you. Can we get together and try to make some music?

    Just let me know.


  2. Waterslide says:

    Evan! You are the man. Let’s talk. -M.

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