New Song: ‘Spike the Tree’

by Waterslide on Inside Dirt, Lincoln Signal 28 Apr, 2012

I don’t know if this song is a “single” or not, but it’s one of the more upbeat tunes on Lincoln Signal. And the fun part? It’s about ecoterrorism. Our hero, Dick Drake, is getting up to some mischief, and we are not talking about whoopee cushions and itching powder.

Helmet and goggles recommended.

Waterslide – Spike the Tree (Steroid Mix)


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6 Responses to “New Song: ‘Spike the Tree’”

  1. Grahame says:


    • John Watts says:

      Love it. Very SINGLE worthy indeed! Love the layering with the atmospherics, love the tricky vocal, love the impending doom, love the scratchy guitar and the sparse lyrics! Go Waterslide! Go Lincoln Signal! Stop it Dick stop it!

  2. DeeLighted says:

    Mama like!

  3. Jennifer Keen says:

    I really love the frenetic kinetic energy of this one!!! Also the way you synthed your voice is eerily metallically good and spooky in a hitchcockian 21st century kind of way….!!!

  4. Jennifer Keen says:

    oh i also want to add that it has a kind of 60’s vibe to it well which is super cool….I have listened to this 3 times and although the material is dark (ecoterrorism is not a good thing) this song makes me want to get up and dance!…how do you like that for irony?

    • Waterslide says:

      “We’ve got poison in the water / and the whole world’s in a trance / but just because we’re hypnotized / that don’t mean we can’t dance!” –Tonio K.

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