Casey Abrams - Like a MirrorWampus specializes in creative development for authors and artists. We can help you frame your identity and craft the single message that will help you communicate successfully with your audience.

'Believe in Me' by Jason WarburgWhen people see you read or perform, do they think of your books or albums? When they read your posts on social media, do they share them? When they see you on iTunes and Spotify, or hear you on NPR, what comes to mind? Do you matter to them?

Wampus frames your identity and teaches your artistic and marketing creations to speak the same language. They should work together seamlessly, like a great band. When you communicate with a purpose, good things happen.



Basic Marketing Analysis

Are your promotional vehicles — web site, social media campaign, media kit — producing the returns you need? Are you growing your audience? Wampus will analyze your marketing vehicles and make practical recommendations to help you build relationships and reach fans.

Scope & rates tailored to your needs.


Creative Branding Assessment

Wampus uses its experience in identity and branding to determine what it is about you that is unique and relatable to an audience. The meaningful connection between you and your audience is based on what you, as an artist or author, really mean to your audience — and not just on a commercial strategy. Your brand is exactly as powerful as it appears to others. Wampus will show you how to make it as powerful as it can be.

Scope & rates tailored to your needs.


Career Mentoring & Strategy

You have the ideas, you have the drive. But you don’t always know how to translate what you have to offer into a meaningful connection with your audience. Wampus can work with you to identify the most critical opportunities in your creative career — and to take full advantage of them.

Scope & rates tailored to your needs.


Studio Recording at The Crow’s Nest

The Crow’s Nest specializes in distinctive sonics for singer-songwriters. Guitars, loops, or multitracked harmonies, it’s all about getting your own distinctive sound.

Recording & Mixing: $55 per hour (4-hour minimum); $400 per 8-hour day; $1,800 per 40-hour week. Mastering: $75 per single track; $55 per album track (minimum 10 tracks).


Web Design

Your personal web site is Grand Central Station for all your communications as an artist or author — news, marketing, social media, distribution, and more. It needs to be irresistible to your audience. Wampus will make sure it’s that and more.

Scope & rates tailored to your needs.


Retail & Collateral Design

From retail packaging to one-sheets, mailers, merch, and more, our design team has you covered.

Scope & rates tailored to your needs.


Getting Started

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