Virginia Brewing CompanyWampus Multimedia specializes in strategic and creative branding for organizations. Are your internet, social media, public relations, and marketing efforts fully integrated for maximum benefit? If not, you might be confusing people rather than communicating with them. Wampus can help you frame your identity and craft the single message that will bring power and clarity to the public voice of your organization.

When your audience sees your logo, do they think of your mission? When they read your Twitter and Facebook posts, do they share them with others? When they see you mentioned at web sites and in online discussion groups, what comes to mind? Do you matter to them?

Zeropak Cultural & Arts ComplexWampus brands your identity and teaches all your image vehicles to speak the same language. Your internet, social media, public relations, and marketing efforts should work together seamlessly, like a string quartet. When you share a clear, coherent message, good things happen.

Wampus has broad experience branding professional and trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and arts organizations.

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