Glass Flesh 2 - A Tribute to Robyn HitchcockGlass Flesh 2: A Tribute to Robyn Hitchcock is twenty-one canny interpretations of classic Robyn Hitchcock tunes from the most obsessive Hitchcock devotees on the globe of frogs.

Conceived and compiled by Bayard Catron.

1. Queen Elvis (Triskellion)
2. Vibrating (The Very Idea)
3. Balloon Man (Ross Overbury)
4. Raymond Chandler Evening (Mark Gloster)
5. Brenda’s Iron Sledge (Kevin Slick)
6. Executioner (Orchestraville)
7. Somewhere Apart (LMP)
8. Satellite (Charisma-TRON)
9. Sleeping with Your Devil Mask (Groove Puppy)
10. Chinese Bones (The Love Spots)
11. More Chinese Boys (Dead Toe)
12. You’ve Got (John H. Hedges)
13. Airscape (Mark Allen)
14. Surgery (The Virgineers)
15. Only the Stones Remain (the Number Nine Line)
16. The Crawling (Edward of Sim)
17. Birdshead (David Anderson)
18. Flavor of Night (The Southern Drinking Companions)
19. Alright Yeah (Sir Demon Brown)
20. Glass (The New Nairobi Trio)
21. Aquarium (Marshmallow Coast)

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