After Hours - A Tribute to the Music of Lou ReedWhether you saw Lou Reed as the Godfather of Punk, a Dylan refractor, a cross-dressing provocateur, or an earnest missionary for the cause of literate rock music, you can’t deny his influence. Reed’s career as one of the most influential songwriters in rock spanned more than 40 years, from his seminal role in the Velvet Underground through his reinventions as glam jester, hardcore pre-punk, lovestruck Romeo, and, finally, acerbic rock ‘n’ roll survivor. Through it all, Reed towered over most of his contemporaries, redefining the boundaries and potential of rock composition.

Wampus examines the work of Lou Reed with After Hours: A Tribute to the Music of Lou Reed.

1. Sunday Morning (Johnny J Blair and the Cellarbirds)
2. Who Loves the Sun (Cordalene)
3. Pale Blue Eyes (Radio Caroline)
4. Candy Says (The Crowd Scene)
5. Vicious (Okapi Guitars)
6. How Do You Think It Feels (tvfordogs)
7. Satellite of Love (Kowtow Popof)
8. I Love You (Silent4)
9. Going Down (Music for Viola)
10. Turn to Me (The Underhills)
11. Temptation Inside Your Heart (Joe Scinta)
12. Cremation (Lee Rude)
13. All Tomorrow’s (Beach) Parties (The Special Agents)
14. After Hours (Brook Pridemore)

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