If I Were a Richman - A Tribute to the Music of Jonathan RichmanJonathan Richman‘s career as singer, songwriter, and all-around mischief-maker now spans more than 40 years. Like Lou Reed & the Velvet Underground before him, Richman has inspired countless music fans around the world to take off their headphones and strap on guitars. From his Velvet-inflected early days with the original Modern Lovers, through numerous iterations of the Lovers, to his latter-day solo career, Richman’s work has mixed an arresting sense of innocence with a deep sensitivity to human emotion.

Wampus celebrates the work of Jonathan Richman with If I Were a Richman: A Tribute to the Music of Jonathan Richman.

1. Someone I Care About (Fee Foe 5)
2. Pablo Picasso (Arms of Kismet)
3. Government Center (The Underhills)
4. When Harpo Played His Harp (The Crowd Scene)
5. Ice Cream Man (H.A.R.M.)
6. I’m a Little Airplane (Beeky)
7. Hey There Little Insect (Geoff P. Russell’s Inhibition Exhibition)
8. Buzz Buzz Buzz (Frumious Snacktime)
9. I’m Straight (Space Robot Scientists)
10. Modern World (Early Lines)
11. She Cracked (The Young Adults)
12. Dignified and Old (Microwave Orphans)
13. Lonely Financial Zone (Kowtow Popof)
14. Twilight in Boston (Wampeters)

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