“Though the title may portend doom, Popof shows no fear, flying through this full-length while displaying a confident and unabashed approach….  End of Greatness is an intelligent and delightful affair.” –Wes Barker, Amplifier Magazine

It’s doubtful Robert Louis Stevenson, author of A Child’s Garden of Verses, would approve of the new Kowtow Popof album, A Punk’s Garden of Versus. On the other hand, the man who created Jekyll and Hyde just might nod in support.

Featuring a single (“Leaving Indiana”) about a search for direction, a lullaby disguised as a jangly rocker (“Down on Rockabye”), and an ode to the mysteries of creativity (“Sundial in the Shade”), Punk’s Garden is an art-rock journey imbued with hope and doubt.

It’s rock off the beaten path. You’ll want to find your way to it and stay a while. As Kowtow sings on the opening track, “Come with me… and meander.”

Released on October 13, 2023.

Also available from Wampus: Action Figure, Tastes Like Armageddon, Exalted Headband, End of Greatness, Eat My Dust, Coaster, Songs from the Pointless Forest, and more.

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