Kowtow Popof“Though the title may portend doom, Popof shows no fear, flying through this full-length while displaying a confident and unabashed approach….  End of Greatness is an intelligent and delightful affair.” –Wes Barker, Amplifier Magazine

The Mayans might have predicted the date of the end of the world, but in matters of taste they deferred to singer-songwriter Kowtow Popof.

And it’s a good thing they did. Popof’s new album, Tastes Like Armageddon, addresses cataclysms personal and universal, burrowing into the heart and mind with earworms, thoughts, and beats. Arcane yet poppy, Armageddon is original and accessible, a “modern rock” album in the literal sense. From “Ataraxis (I Brake for Squirrels),” a call for kindness in the face of extremism, to “Alectryon at the Door,” a spooky meditation that sounds like a sleeper hit, to “Lookin’ 4 Rock,” a boiling rave-up that resurrects Popof’s rant style, Armageddon delivers steely resolve, a snapshot of an artist transcending doubts.

Kowtow Popof - Tastes Like ArmageddonArmageddon carries the hallmarks of Popof’s recent work — sonic precision and containment — but adds a spontaneity not heard in bulk since End of Greatness. Elliptical keyboard figures and drum patterns play skeleton to muscular vocals, infusing chaos with a reassuring sense of order. As with his previous albums, Popof is not casting about for quick bites. Rather he is fishing in his favorite spot, sipping a beverage, and waiting patiently for you to hit the hook.

With Armageddon, Popof suggests we are all, when faced with the prospect of our inevitable demise, generating a unique soundtrack from within. We spend our lives trying to make that soundtrack audible to others.

Rest assured, we hear this one loud and clear.

Kowtow Popof - Exalted HeadbandAlso available from Wampus: Exalted Headband, End of Greatness, Eat My Dust, Coaster, and Songs from the Pointless Forest.

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