Who We Are

Wampus is a global record label and publishing imprint. We support artists and authors in the branding and distribution of their most challenging work.

We’ve developed and distributed more than 100 records and books since 2002.

After releasing tributes in the aughts to Jonathan Richman, Lou Reed, and Warren Zevon, we focused on original artists making distinctive records. We later expanded to publishing novels about artists and musicians.

We think what matters isn’t so much how many followers you have, but who you are and what you do with it.

We work with artists and authors who disregard expectations, innovate rather than follow, and build their audience one person at a time.

* * * * *

Wampus founder Mark Doyon wrote Bonneville Stories and edited the literary magazine Friction. His work has appeared in PopMatters, The Washington Post, The Daily Vault, Hybrid, Skope, The Absinthe Literary Review, 3AM Magazine, and Riffraf. He makes records as Arms of Kismet and Waterslide.

He has blogged about art, creativity, and the music business for Hypebot and Music Think Tank. He recently wrote at Wampus about what lies ahead for independent artists and authors.

* * * * *

“Never play to the gallery.” -David Bowie