Hurry Home Early - The Songs of Warren ZevonFeaturing 13 Warren Zevon classics interpreted by emerging artists from the United States and England, Hurry Home Early: The Songs of Warren Zevon focuses on Zevon’s contribution to literate, modern songcraft, and tracks his 35-year journey as acerbic troubadour and cynical romantic. It traces Zevon’s career from the late 1960s until his untimely death from mesothelioma, an inoperable lung cancer, in 2003. From Phil Cody’s “Splendid Isolation” to Robb Johnson’s “Suzie Lightning,” the album tells the story of an artist torn between hopeful and dark impulses, locked in a struggle between heart and mind.

1. Splendid Isolation (Phil Cody)
2. I’ll Slow You Down (The Simple Things)
3. Desperados Under the Eaves (Last Train Home)
4. Carmelita (Rachel Stamp)
5. Mohammed’s Radio (The Matthew Show)
6. Boom Boom Mancini (Tom Flannery)
7. Warm Rain (Simone Stevens and Jordan Zevon)
8. Reconsider Me (Alpha Cat)
9. Mutineer (Neil Luckett of tvfordogs)
10. Run Straight Down (Roughly Enforcing Nostalgia)
11. Life’ll Kill Ya (Brook Pridemore)
12. Mr. Bad Example (Robbie Rist)
13. Suzie Lightning (Robb Johnson)

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