Foldback Records

Wampus Multimedia - Foldback Records“With a mission statement to uncover lost music, eclectic and otherwise forgotten, Foldback Records keeps good on that promise in their initial launch. Singer/songwriter blues, pop-rock adventures, and funky rock ‘n’ roll are just some glimpses inside. You’ve also got some neo-soul and swingin’ space pop-rock to keep your ears busy. Cool stuff.” —

Foldback Records is a boutique label into music off the beaten path — records that don’t interest bottom-line-driven commercial labels, that didn’t see the light of day when they were made, that you remember but haven’t seen lately. It markets should-be classic and illogically obscure music, and seeks rare, offbeat, and out-of-print titles for licensing and release.

Foldback releases include Rycopa by Uncle Green (May 21, 2013).

Contact Foldback in c/o Wampus.