Q: How can I be considered as a Wampus artist or author?
A: Submit inquiry and sample only to mail5 (at) wampus.com. Tell us why you think you’re a fit for Wampus, and why you think Wampus is a fit for you.

*** Wampus is currently closed to unsolicited submissions. ***

Q: How do I ask about recording at The Crow’s Nest?
A: Email nest (at) wampus.com. Studio rates are posted here.

Q: How do I license Wampus music for my film, compilation, or other use?
A: Email licensing (at) wampus.com

Q: How do I contact Wampus about creative development services?
A: Email branding (at) wampus.com

Q: How do I submit my design or video portfolio for consideration?
A: Email art (at) wampus.com

Q: How do I subscribe to Wampus updates and articles?
A: Visit the subscription page.

Q: How do I ask about something not mentioned above?
A: Email mail5 (at) wampus.com