Liz Koch - Fundamentals of DIY Radio PromotionIf you’re not hearing your music on satellite, internet, or terrestrial radio, independent music promoter Liz Koch of Notorious Radio has written the book for you. Fundamentals of DIY Radio Promotion is packed with helpful hints and secrets about the inner workings of the music industry, including how to know when it’s time to take your music to radio, how to decide if you want to “go DIY” or hire an indie promoter, and how to hire the right indie promoter for you. It also includes useful tips on who to send your music to, what to include in your package, the ins and outs of following up at radio, what to do when you get on the radio, and directives on requests, emails, and messages.

If you are working to reach your audience through airplay, you need to know what Liz knows.

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