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From Redesign to Rededication

wampus redesignToday we’re rolling out a redesigned Wampus web site. It’s no small task.

Why? Because in addition to being a music label and an ebook publisher, we are an identity & branding group. And this time, instead of thinking about, say, what makes The May Bees tick, we had to look at ourselves. We had to evaluate our own traits, desirable or not, and had to accept that this redesign of our site — seemingly just a visual exercise — might actually be a relaunch of our brand. And that might suggest, in some odd way, a rebirth of our little company.

And who knows, yikes — that might even set off a spontaneous rededication to everything we do.

In taking a long, hard look at who we are, we knew it was time to make some changes to what we do.

Whoever you are — a recording artist, an author, a fan, a reader — you have a unique identity. Once you understand it, you can better understand and support the people around you.

So we are investing in your future by reframing ours.

How are we doing?


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  1. Lisa C.
     ·  Reply

    Wampus rawks.

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