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Arms of Kismet: “Potter’s Field”

“I had never written a waltz, or ever thought about writing one… but when I started strumming this chord progression it came out in triple time. I thought about people floating across a glowing dance floor, twirling under a half-lit chandelier while a band played. I imagined sirens in the streets, machines in the hospitals, and the feet of dancers keeping time in a rite of love and loss. I hope the romance of our world isn’t dead yet. I think I would miss the waltzes.”

The “Potter’s Field” single from Arms of Kismet is out now.

Featuring Eamon Loftus, John Lee Sanders, Steve Burdett, Audrey Karrasch, and Mark Doyon.

Song premiere & interview at Glide Magazine

Listen at Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon 

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