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Jason Warburg: On Believing and Becoming

Jason Warburg - Believe in MeIn his new novel, Believe in Me, Jason Warburg wrestles mightily with a Catch-22: to achieve something, we must believe we can achieve it. Yet if we haven’t achieved it before, how can we reasonably believe?

Aside from resorting to self-delusion, we can listen to those who believe in us.

According to the book jacket, Believe in Me is a gripping story of rock ‘n’ roll and political activism. And it is that, but it’s a lot more. Warburg, a music critic and political scientist by trade, traces the bonds between artists and activists, and between everyone who has ever made a leap of faith to try to help make the world a better place. When we take that leap, he suggests, there is a lot to discover in the world and in ourselves.

While writing this book, Jason occasionally mused aloud on his setbacks and breakthroughs and creative travails. He sometimes questioned the wisdom of working so hard on something that seemed to be fighting against him.

Again and again, his answer was the same. And the Catch-22 — believing, achieving — was history.

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