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Waterslide: Everything Changes in a Moment

Wampus Multimedia introduces Lincoln Signal, the debut album from Waterslide. Songwriter-producer Mark Doyon previously released albums as Arms of Kismet and Wampeters, and published the short-story collection Bonneville Stories.

Lincoln Signal tells the story of Dick Drake, an overeducated, middle-aged historian and political scientist living in a remote shack in western Montana. Banished by academia, he holds a grudge against society and its inequities. Abandoned by his long-suffering wife, he spends his days studying environmentalist tracts and selling fresh flowers from the back of a pickup truck along the lonesome state highways.

Bundled up next to his wood stove during a blizzard, he dreams of driving a sleek Lincoln Continental through the deserted streets of an ancient city. Rolling to a stop at a glowing, desolate intersection, he revs the car’s engine… and everything changes.

Lincoln Signal was produced by Doyon and mastered by Jon Astley (the Who, George Harrison, Tori Amos). A blend of classic and new, it echoes the Velvet Underground, Neil Young, the Band, Brian Wilson, Marty Robbins, Captain Beefheart, and — in a fleeting moment — KC and the Sunshine Band.

Out and available now:

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