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‘Brautigan Library’: 5 Questions about Modern Fiction with Peter McDade

Wampus discussed the state of the art (and business) of modern fiction with novelist and musician Peter McDade.  — [Wampus]: It’s said the amount of fiction being published is greater… Read More →

‘I’m Dean Jones’: 5 Questions about Narrative Albums with Gilbert Neal

Wampus sat down with singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Gilbert Neal to talk about the besieged but enduring art form of the narrative album. — [Wampus]: Pop music today is focused on singles, almost… Read More →

Good Enough for You and Bobby McGee”

Artists, you’ve heard the disconcerting rumors about your stuff: nobody cares. And you know what? There might be a grain of truth to the rumors. Aside from your friends and family (or that stalker-ish… Read More →