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‘I Just Keep Moving’: 5 Questions about the ’60s with Richard Fulco

[Wampus]: Your novel, We Are All Together (November 29, 2022), is set in the mid-to-late 1960s and considers rock music as a refraction of social change. How durable is the… Read More →

A Kick in the Pants: Q&A with Richard Fulco

Ever notice how most popular novels are about compelling characters with exciting lives? We love those characters, love their lives. But what about the flawed characters with the depressing lives?… Read More →

Uncle Green: Lost and Found

The legend of the “great lost album” is one of the most enduring in rock ‘n’ roll. In the case of Uncle Green, fondly remembered from their major-label days in… Read More →

Album & Audience: Q&A with Kowtow Popof″

As a contemporary songwriter, are you focused on making albums? Or just singles? Or are you emphasizing your live show, where you can reach your audience more regularly, with greater immediacy?… Read More →

5 Tips for New Authors: Q&A with Jason Warburg

Jason Warburg, editor of music-review site The Daily Vault and author of the just-published novel Believe in Me, shares the trials and tribulations of producing a successful debut novel — and provides… Read More →