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Social Media Has Officially Landed. Now What?

twitter-bird-wallpaperIt’s been coming to this — real-time Facebook-and-Twitter livin’ — for as long as anyone can remember.  We’ve dreamed of a world where we can touch base with anyone we know instantly, effortlessly.  And now we have it.

Isolation as a concept is now about as relevant as an REO Speedwagon album.

Feeling happy?  Let everyone know.  Feeling down?  Same.  Weave your existential minutiae into a tapestry of approachability.  It’s fundamentally human.  And humans dig it.

Clinical causes aside, is there really any excuse anymore for loneliness?

The “elitist” cultural order — the one that presumed differences in, say, the quality of novels or pieces of art — is history.  In its place is a let-your-hair-down hoedown, the most egalitarian forum ever devised.  It is inclusive and uncritical.  And it is having an unapologetically hilarious time.


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