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Kowtow Popof: Exalted Headband

exaltedcoverWampus Multimedia introduces Exalted Headband, the new album from songwriter-composer Kowtow Popof.

Mixing rock and electronica with classical and folk in a mélange of moody pop, Exalted Headband unfolds against a cosmic backdrop, a constellation of sounds that seems to originate in a parallel universe. Informed by a fondness for soundtrack composers like John Barry and Bernard Hermann, and fandom for artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Bill Nelson, Kowtow revisits sonic threads from his last two CDs — End of Greatness (2006) and Kowtow Drops the Pop Off (2003) — to concoct fresh soundscapes. Rather than assembling theme songs and incidental music, Kowtow delivers stand-alone compositions laced with shared musical themes.

Wondering what it sounds like? Imagine the instrumental pieces from David Bowie’s Low, or the soundtracks of You Only Live Twice or The Prisoner. Think of Moby or The Moody Blues or Gary Numan.

Exalted Headband joins a Wampus Multimedia roster that includes new and imminent releases from The Crowd Scene, tvfordogs, the matthew show, Venus Flytrap, and Arms of Kismet, as well as After Hours: a Tribute to the Music of Lou Reed (to which Kowtow contributed “Satellite of Love”) and If I Were a Richman: a Tribute to the Music of Jonathan Richman (on which he performed “Lonely Financial Zone”).

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