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On Vince Gill and Music Downloads

Nashville guitar legend Vince Gill recently spoke out on the impact of music downloads on recording artists. His comments have been flying around the Interwebs, fanning dissension. Here is some of… Read More →

Spotify Royalties Rising?

All right, artists — have you bought your first sandwich yet with your Spotify royalties? We first examined streaming royalties in August, and are taking a fresh look at them… Read More →

Lessons of R.E.M.: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Reactions to the recent breakup of R.E.M. ranged from shock to nostalgia to acceptance. After 31 years — effectively three times as long as The Beatles were on the radar, or… Read More →

Music Streaming Royalties — Crumbs?

Music streaming services such as Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, and Napster are sharing your music with the masses — and you haven’t had to do a thing to make it happen. And… Read More →