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Warming Up Your Digital Mixes

So you’ve just recorded and mixed your latest song digitally in Logic or ProTools, and gotten every little detail just the way you want it. But something, you decide, is… Read More →

Building Context for Your Creative Work

Why do you make music? Write books? Make films? You might know, you might not. Either way, you do it for a specific reason. Maybe it’s to explore. Maybe it’s… Read More →

On Vince Gill and Music Downloads

Nashville guitar legend Vince Gill recently spoke out on the impact of music downloads on recording artists. His comments have been flying around the Interwebs, fanning dissension. Here is some of… Read More →

Artistic Courage Is Not Optional

Think for a moment about artistic courage. We’re all busy, right? We have a lot to tend to every day — family, friends, home, job, volunteering, watching cat videos on… Read More →